Tactical Shotgun: This course takes students beyond the basics of deploying  the shotgun.  
The shotgun is a devastating weapon when the user has been properly trained. This course starts with the skills
necessary to safely deploy a shotgun. Once this is achieved, we will move on to more complex shooting drills and

The following topics will be covered:  
Firearms safety
Fundamentals of shooting the shotgun
Loading/ Unloading
Combat gun-handling skills        
Moving off line of force
Threat assessment and area scanning
Reloading techniques
Buckshot patterning
Select load techniques
Malfunction clearance
Engaging multiple threats
Use of cover
Weapon retention        

Course duration: 7 hours

Course tuition:  $175.00      

Course student limit 6

Private lessons available

Equipment: Pump or Semi- automatic shotgun in good operating condition , pistol, holster, eye protection, ear
protection, shotgun shell pouch, 200 rounds of birdshot, 50 rounds of # 00 buckshot, 20 slugs and 50 rounds of pistol

Recommend Items: Ball cap, sun block, water, note pad, insect repellent and rain gear